'Superior engine oils of unparalleled quality' 

Knowledge and expertise gained over the past 50 years have been combined to produce the ultimate high-quality and motorcycle engine oils. From now on, the finest quality 4-stroke motorcycle engine oils come with our new N-TECH® additive technology. A complete range is available from Putoline Oil. 

The N-Tech® PRO R+ product range is based on the latest revolutionary Putoline Oil N-Tech® additive technology. This new N-Tech® additive technology gives the entire N-Tech® product range a golden engine oil colour. The fully synthetic top products within this range are N-Tech® PRO R+ and N-Tech® PRO R+ OFF ROAD. Both meet and exceed the latest API SN and JASO MA2, T903 2016 specifications. 

The icing on the cake
N-Tech® SPR+ 5W-50
is the absolute pinnacle within the N-Tech® product range. It's the ultimate racing oil due to its strong character. 

N-Tech® Additive Technology

  • Ensures fast, effective and high heat transfer for optimal cooling.
  • Ensures rapid venting for optimum operation of all hydraulic components and full oil pressure.
  • Prevents thermal oxidation and actively prevents carbon deposits.
  • Contributes to reduced friction for lower fuel consumption.
  • It counters the harmful effects of E10 gasoline.
  • High resistance to transmission wear and gear pitting.
  • Has the optimum properties to enable smooth clutch engagement and prevent slipping even in the most powerful and high torque engines.
  • Reduces oil consumption to a minimum.

What makes the N-Tech® additive technology superior? 
Part of the N-Tech® additive technology is a new API-Group 5 fully synthetic base oil. This superior base oil with remarkable properties has recently become suitable as a motorcycle engine oil additive. A product of exceptional quality is made by opting for a precise and optimal dosage of the latest high-performance additive technology in combination with premium (fully) synthetic base oil components.

You are reading this right: Exceptional quality is ensured

Features of the N-Tech® additive technology product range? 

  • Excellent corrosion protection: harmful acidic combustion residues are effectively neutralized during the entire lifetime of the lubricant.
  • Excellent compatibility with seals and gaskets.
  • Due to the high viscosity index, it is suitable for an extensive temperature range.
  • Due to optimum low friction properties, power and performance gain over the entire rpm range.
  • Excellent low-temperature properties enable fast engine starts even at low outside temperatures.

The mechanical reliability is increased by all mentioned beneficial properties, resulting in an increase in engine service life and a reduction in maintenance costs.



We know that hydrocarbon oxidation residues, also known as deposits, can occur in a motorcycle engine due to high thermal loads. Because of these deposits, the piston rings may have a tendency to get stuck, known as 'ring gumming'. This unwanted effect causes oil consumption, loss of compression and thus loss of power over the longer term. Deposits can also cause uncontrolled combustion or detonation resulting in engine damage. 

The unique N-Tech® additive technology prevents these effects because of its extreme cleaning properties. The entire engine remains internally clean and thus provides high-performance levels for much longer and low oil consumption. Even with extended oil change intervals, the pistons and -rings remain very clean.


Cleaning Properties 
The cleaning properties of N-Tech® technology are unprecedented. Various intensive motor tests show that motor sludge is effectively prevented as well. Blow-by gasses are limited to a bare minimum, ensuring high engine oil quality throughout its service life. In addition, the mix of additives can continue to do its work for a more extended period. 

In addition, the N-Tech® additive technology is highly polar, which means that the engine oil has a high 'adhesive power'. Adhesive power enables a robust and stable lubricant film build-up. The end result is minimal (start) wear, an essential feature in highly loaded transmissions, and thus effectively prevents gear wear and pitting.

What was good became even better
Similarly, we have continued to apply N-Tech® technology to our existing range of products, including the semisynthetic Sport 4R and the Formula V-Twin range. These products are now also supplied with N-TECH® additive technology.

Available packaging
We have packaging from 1 L bottles to Bag-in-Box packaging, up to 200 L barrels. There is no shortage of packaging.

Our advice? Use the Bag-in-Box. A sustainable choice, and simultaneously, you get so much ease. A special display is available for efficient storage of Bag-in-Box packaging. Watch the video and convince yourself of all the advantages.

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