'Choose the best air filter treatment' 

Putoline Oil Action Kit is a maintenance kit for optimum cleaning of the foam filter of an off-road motorcycle. Proper maintenance of air filters is of the utmost importance. Without a fresh and clean air filter, the engine's lifespan can be seriously shortened, and maintenance costs can rise considerably. Putoline Oil's Action Kit contains all the essential products for a clean and maintained air filter to guarantee sustainable use and reduce maintenance costs.


Did you know?
You need approximately 14.7kg of air to burn 1 kg of fuel. That's more than 8.000 litres of air. All this air must be completely free of dirt, dust, sand and moisture. All these elements significantly influence the air intake of the engine. 

But what are the consequences of poor air filtration?
Poor air filtering can eventually lead to a loss of engine performance, and if the pollution gets too severe, it can't prevent dirt from entering. Because of this, the quality of filtering decreases; without good filtering, the lifespan gets shortened as the engine wears faster, resulting in irreparable damage. Therefore, a properly functioning air filter is indispensable for an optimal experience of your hobby and for cost savings on maintenance. 

In short: Action Kit is your best friend for quick and regular air filter cleaning. 

Tech Talk #1 - Action Kit
Watch our Tech Talk about the Action Kit, in which our Technical Support Manager, Bernard, discusses the whole kit.



Air filter maintenance with Putoline Oil Action Kit


Action Kit: 8 products in one kit

  • 2x2 litre Action Cleaner.
  • A bucket of 10 litres with a lid to properly clean the air filter with Action Cleaner
  • A rack for the bucket's bottom. This prevents the air filter from coming into contact with dirt on the bottom of the bucket.
  • 1-litre Action Fluid. The world-famous blue air filter oil for a unsurpassedly good filter result.
  • A bucket of 3 litres with a lid in which the filter can be properly oiled. 
  • 10 grams of Silicone Compound to lubricate the air filter box adequately for maximum sealing.
  • Action Filter stickers.
  • Disposable gloves.

Multiple treatments with Action Kit
With one Action Kit, you can treat multiple air filters. Action Cleaner and Action Fluid are separately for sale at trusted Putoline Oil dealers

Air Filter maintenance kit Putoline Oil


Action Kit Biodegradable
The best for the environment? Then you have come to the right place at Putoline Oil. Action Kit Biodegradable is environment-friendly. The products in this kit are biodegradable, meaning that the chemical compounds are broken down naturally and, therefore, ultimately better for the environment. Action Kit Biodegradable also contains 8 products, where Action Cleaner and Action Fluid have been replaced by a bio variant: Action Cleaner Bio and Action Fluid Bio.

Air Filter maintenance kit biodegradable

What not to do?!
Do not clean the air filter with fuel or aggressive cleaning agents. This is NO-GO! Using petrol, diesel oil, or other solvents such as white spirit or tinner is strongly discouraged.

These materials can permanently damage the structure and material of the air filter. Glue connections can come loose, and the filter effect can be negatively influenced.

For maximum lifespan of the foam air filter and optimal air filtering, only use the intended Putoline Oil products.

How to use Action Kit?
We made a video about the correct use of Action Kit. Watch it below.

Action Kit and Action Kit Biodegradable are available at one of our local dealers. Find your nearest dealer.


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