'A versatility of technology'

Our revolutionary and all surpassing N-Tech® additive technology is available in various viscosities in both ROAD and OFF-ROAD and guarantees extremely low wear, excellent cleaning properties and optimal wet clutch compatibility.

It is developed and suitable for the most conceivable and diverse conditions from 'year round use' to 'extreme competition'. Putoline Oil N-Tech® products contain the latest API-Group 5 fully synthetic base oil. By opting for a very accurate and optimal dose of the N-TECH® additive technology a product of superior quality has been created.

N-Tech® products are among the highest quality motorcycle lubricants available on the market. N-Tech® has convincingly proven itself in world championships and is now available for your motorcycle. Dominique Aegerter dominantly managed to win his World Supersport title in 2021. His Yamaha YZF-R6 from Ten Kate Racing was fully equipped with N-Tech® technology. Furthermore, N-Tech® proves its superior qualities in MXGP and the Dakar Rally. The team of Gebben van Venrooy Yamaha Racing, Bas World KTM Racing Team and Mirjam Pol are all keen users of N-Tech® Technology.

Putoline Oil Ester Tech motorcycle oils are developed especially for modern high-performance
motorcycles, ROAD and OFF-ROAD. 

Ester Tech Technology is developed and tested successfully in close cooperation with renowned racing teams. As a result, it ensures a tremendously strong oil film and improved engine protection and transmission protection. On top of that, it has exceptionally good “stay in grade” features and extremely low oil consumption.

The Putoline Oil Premiere logo defines the product as the best in its range. It signifies Putoline Oil’s outstanding attention to detail in product development, production techniques and consumer focus. These are the highest quality products within the product range.

The Biodegradable selection logo defines
those products that are biodegradable and
therefore can break down safely and relatively quickly by biological
means into the raw materials of nature, whereafter they disappear into the environment.

Has the world gone completely mad?Strawberry-scented two-stroke oil? This logo stands for unparalleled engine protection by utilising special synthetic additives distinguished by its totally unique strawberry fragrance.

Heads will turn when you pass on the street; all of a sudden, there is a scent of strawberry 🍓.

The Putoline Oil EURO 4 logo, shown on various 2-stroke products indicate that the product meets the requirements of the EURO 4 emission standards. EU regulations define acceptable limits for exhaust emissions of vehicles to improve air quality.


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