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By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Being a partner at the highest level of motorsport requires significant support and technical understanding. As a technical partner of numerous associates participating at the highest level of motorsports, our products are subjected to the most rigorous form of testing. These partnerships reflect our strong market position as a high-level lubricant brand and reliable partner in the field of lubricants as we help our partners with our understanding of lubrication and maintenance using our many years of experience.

Putoline Oil is known for its high-quality, attractive product line, built over more than 50 years of history. Of course, it's nice to win and triumph, but that is not always the goal. It's more about reliability, performance and durability. Our lubricants, maintenance, and care products play a core part in this matter. By working closely with our partners, we can act quickly to market developments, while our flexibility is shown by adapting to situations fast and with care. This is of great importance to us, and with our continuous research and innovative policy, Putoline Oil's range of first-rate lubricants is always up-to-date.

Finally, our partners provide international exposure, which helps create brand awareness and further draw attention to Putoline Oil's supreme product range.

Of course, we would like as many (motorsport) athletes/ambassadors as possible to benefit from the first-rate quality the Putoline Oil brand assembles in combination with actively promoting our beautiful brand in various markets.

We receive many requests for sponsorship and support worldwide, varying from small to substantial enquiries. How we deal we these enquiries is something you can read on our sponsoring page.

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