'The digital image bank, accessible for all Putoline Oil users'

As a user of the Putoline Oil Brand Portal, you can access images of products, promotional materials, equipment and more. You also can find various advertisements and other marketing materials. You can download single images or use the option 'collections' to download multiple images simultaneously. 

Please note! Apart from images, all documents in this portal are of low resolution and, therefore, unsuitable for printing. For the high-res, ready-to-print copy, you can contact us through marketing@putoline.com. All the images are the property of Kroon-Oil B.V. 

Access to our Brand Portal

The Brand Portal is accessible without login credentials. You log in by clicking on 'Brand Portal' at the bottom of the Putoline Oil website. The password is encrypted, and you have direct access that way.

  1. Go to www.putoline.com
  2. Scroll all the way down on the website. Under the heading 'more', you will find Brand Portal.
  3. By clicking on 'Brand Portal,' you will enter the portal where you can download several images and materials.

Brand Portal Tips

  1. If you wish to download multiple images, choose 'collections maintenance' in the upper right corner. Underneath the images, a button with 'select' will appear. If you click this button, images will be added to your collection. After collecting, you can download everything at once. 

  2. There is no need to log in. The passwords are encrypted in the link on www.putoline.com. The website is also the only option to reach our Brand Portal. If the system asks for login credentials, erasing the history from your browser might do the trick.

  3. To ensure optimal operation, leaflets and other print materials have a low resolution. For high-resolution files, please contact our marketing department through marketing@putoline.com.


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