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Being a pioneering technical partner
Our knowledge is available to you. We've acquired and are still collecting an impressive understanding of lubricants by producing highly technical products, and at Putoline Oil, we happily share that knowledge. There's a reason that we have been the experts' choice for more than 50 years. You have come to the right place for the best product recommendations, questions getting answered, discussions on technical topics and more. We strive to help customers and consumers make better lubrication, maintenance and care-taking choices. It is reflected in everything we offer, also in technical support.

This is what our technical support contains:
✓ TecDoc
✓ Putoline Oil training courses
✓ Putoline Oil webinars
✓ Laboratory services 
✓ 24/7 online product advisor
✓ Helpdesk
✓ Newsfeed Putoline Oil
✓ InPUT® 
✓ Instructional videos and tutorials
✓ Tech Talks
✓ Free integration of the Putoline Oil recommendation banner on your website.
✓ Product recommendation data through the Putoline Oil API data service.

24/7 service
We take our service very seriously. Quick delivery, adequately answering questions or offering marketing support: you're at the correct address at Putoline Oil. Contacting us is easy, and we are always ready to help you. During business hours, we answer questions by phone, e-mail and on social media (InstagramFacebookYouTubeLinkedIn and Google).

In case you require material for assembling flyers, advertisements or your website? Then, you can access our Brand Portal with images of products, promotional materials, equipment, etc. Furthermore, you can also find various advertisements and other marketing materials. Our Brand Portal is a web service for Putoline Oil members where you can find marketing materials on a diverse level. 

Advice and expertise
We are happy to share our more than 50 years of experience and expertise with you when you join our Putoline Oil family. We consult on product choice and answer questions with a technical background. In addition, you can consult our website www.putoline.com for extensive lubricant advice based on make and model through 'smart search'. 

Putoline Oil's online recommendation tool was one the very first in the market. Investments in the maintenance of web tools are neverending, which has made the Putoline Oil recommendation tool nestles at the top of the most adequate and most consulted online tool. The unique advice provided reaches more than 1.000.000 professionals and consumers every year.

The advanced Putoline Oil Connect provides a direct connection to the Putoline Oil databases through an intelligent API. Integrating product data and advice data is something our API excels in.

In addition, we regularly provide training for professionals and interested parties. Further, we publish our corporate magazine 'InPUT®'. 

Do you, in addition to the online options, wish to speak to someone in person? Feel free to contact us. A motivated team with a keen understanding is personally available for all your questions.

Order 24/7 
At Putoline Oil, you can place orders nonstop. In addition, you can place orders clearly and intuitively via our online ordering platform, 'ProShop'.

You also have the option to order by e-mail or telephone during office hours. The ordered products are delivered within 48 hours on working days, and thanks to state-of-the-art voice picking, we're aiming to set the target for error rates to zero. 

Technical Info
We also have a page with Technical Info. From Tech Talks to Blogs, we share all kinds of information that relates to our brand.

Driven By Technology
Manufacturer of high-quality lubricants for motorized two-wheelers since 1970. The entire production process, from the raw materials right up to the finished product, takes place in-house, which gives a sense of assurance.

With an enthusiastic and dedicated team, we are always willing to go the extra mile to offer first-class service to our clients worldwide.

Want to know more?
Ask your questions to our team. Our experts are up-to-date with the latest trends and developments and are ready to assist you. Not only in the field of lubrication and maintenance but also when there are questions about orders.


We are happy to answer them.

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