'Putoline Oil Connect allows you to use our lubricant recommendation tool on your online platform'

Putoline Oil Connect - Professional Data Service 

Putoline Oil's online recommendation tool was one of the very first in the market. Investments in the maintenance of web tools are neverending, which has made the Putoline Oil recommendation tool nestles at the top of the most adequate and most consulted online tool. The unique advice provided reaches more than 1.000.000 professionals and consumers every year. You have probably come across this tool on our website. Putoline Oil Connect also allows you to use our recommendation tool on your online platform.

What do you need to meet your customers' demands? 
Putoline Oil Connect offers a variety of options which allow you to make our data available to your clients via your website or webshop. So what's in it for you? First, you create added value for your clients by providing an up-to-date and adequate overview of the necessary lubricants and the accompanying information. This also makes your website more relevant to your clients and search engines. Putoline Oil Connect has proven to be a successful concept with millions of visitors each year, and now you can also reap the rewards. 

Banner | Free Putoline Oil banner on your website
It's easy to get a banner on your website. With our special banner generator, you integrate the Putoline Oil product recommendation quickly and efficiently into your website or webshop. A unique and functional service which we offer freely to our customers. Once integrated into your website or webshop, your visitors can directly put in a search query, after which the Putoline Oil product advice will be displayed in a new window.

Composing a banner
You can choose from several options when composing a banner for product advice. Choose a dark or light theme depending on your website's colour scheme. The banner is fully scalable; you determine the size and position yourself during the implementation of the banner in your management environment.

Suitable for webshops
Quite handy is the option to include a webshop URL. This option will launch an order button next to the product recommendation. If the visitor clicks on 'Buy this product', they will be linked to the related product on your webshop. The banner can easily be integrated into webshop domains and boost sales. 

Need some help with composing? 
Composing a recommendation banner isn't that hard. Watch this video, and you can do it all by yourself. Still, need help? Don't hesitate to reach out, as we will happily assist you. 



API | Free direct link to all of Putoline Oil's product information
Putoline Oil's range is constantly changing. Specifications are regularly adjusted, and new products are continually being launched. Safety information is kept up-to-date to make sure it meets the applicable standards. These are significant developments but can be hard for you to keep up with. Today's data may no longer be relevant tomorrow. This is why it can be helpful for you to connect to our API. Putoline Oil's API can help you get to grips with all our data.

Creating a link to our API means your website will always be up-to-date and provides you with: 

  • Full access to our technical information (TDS)
  • Full access to your safety data sheets (MSDS)
  • Full access to all the available product information (images, descriptions, gross prices, EAN codes, part numbers, etc.) 

Using product data through an API is entirely free for Putoline Oil customers. You only have to invest in the implementation of the data provided by the API. In addition, once connected to our data source, the API will automatically update your data as it consistently sends actual data to your platform. The condition is that the programming is set up based on real-time requests.

Increase your range via our API, the world's largest vehicle database.

It's unique to have the possibility to deliver, besides product data, also vehicle data. The vehicle data is the property of a supplier of Putoline Oil, and due to a 'reuse' arrangement, we can deliver this kind of data conditionally. Herewith you can program a Putoline Oil recommendation tool. All available data from Putoline Oil's recommendation tool is available through an API for this purpose:

  • vehicle information (for all vehicles or just the ones applicable to your company)
  • vehicle selection using a TecDoc ID (if you have made a vehicle search function available via your website or webshop)
  • vehicle selection using search criteria like brand, model and type. Or for a specific segment (road traffic, agriculture, two-wheeled vehicles, industrial vehicles or marine vehicles) 

This data is not a property of Kroon-Oil, which means strict conditions are imposed on its use. There are relatively low annual costs associated with using this data, and there's only a particular volume to be used per year. The data may only be requested from the API based on unique questions per event and may not be cached and stored. If you wish to use this service, you enter into a reuse agreement with our supplier, and we will take care of the handling of this for you. 

How does it work?
Watch this animated video about Putoline Oil Connect.

How do I get Putoline Oil Connect?
A website or webshop can be provided with our API in consultation with your IT department or IT support. However, please consider that the integration is something you take care of. 

All available product data through our API is entirely free for Putoline Oil customers. Using vehicle data and product recommendation comes with relatively low monthly costs. 

Please contact marketing@putoline.com or sales@putoline.com and ask for the terms and conditions. 


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