'Sustainable motorcycle engine oil based on synthetic biobased & re-refined base oils' 

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With the 'we care' mindset, our continuous drive to innovate and our dedication to the environment, Putoline Oil has taken on the challenge as a globally leading lubricant specialist to develop a product based on resources that have much less environmental impact. The result is a completely new range of motorcycle engine oils, named N-TECH® BBR+. The production of which means a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. This without having made any technical concessions on the well-known Putoline Oil quality. This new product line meets the latest (and highest) API SN and JASO MA2 specifications. In addition, we have used the unsurpassed Putoline Oil N-TECH® additive technology for the best performance.

N-TECH® Additive Technology 
N-TECH® BBR+ is based on the latest revolutionary N-TECH® additive technology. This additive technology provides a large number of advantages:

  • Ensures rapid, effective high heat transfer for optimum
  • Ensures fast air release for optimum functioning of all
    hydraulic components and full oil pressure.
  • Prevents thermal oxidation and prevents carbon deposits.
  • Contributes to lower friction resulting in lower fuel
    consumption and higher performance levels.
  • Optimally resistant against the harmful effects of E10 fuel.
  • High protection against transmission wear and gear pitting.
  • Exactly the proper friction coefficient for smooth clutch
  • Prevents clutch slip even in highly tuned and high torque

N-TECH® BBR+ is a superior 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil based on a base oil blend of premium synthetic biobased & re-refined base oils.

Available in SAE 10W-30, 10W-40 & 10W-50.

Part of the N-TECH® additive technology is a new API-group V fully synthetic base oil. This superior quality base oil, with properties never seen before, has recently been made suitable as a motorcycle engine oil additive. By opting for a precise and optimal dosage of the latest high performance additive technology in combination with premium (fully) synthetic base oil components, a product of superior quality is made.

Biobased (renewable) base oils
Biobased renewable base oils are derived from renewable sources such as plants and microorganisms. In contrast, traditional base oils are derived from petroleum. Biobased raw materials are renewable and, therefore, more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Biobased base oils vs. traditional base oils
Biobased oils offer several benefits, including renewability, biodegradability, and non-toxicity. They have a significantly lower carbon footprint, which can help reduce dependence on fossil resources. Moreover, biobased oils can also be used to create specific properties suitable for various applications.

The power of biobased synthetic base oils:

  • Very high oxidation stability
  • Low volatility (evaporation loss)
  • High viscosity index
  • Hydrolytic stability
  • High cleaning power
  • High biodegradability
  • Low toxicity
  • Renewable carbon base (CO2 reduction)

Re-refined (renewable) base oils 
The re-refined base oils used by Putoline Oil, which are used in the new N-TECH® BBR+ product line, originate from selectively collected and 'end-of-life' lubricants. However, this is where any comparison ends. The patented 'Extended Selective Refining' upcycling technology retains the valuable synthetic base oil components of modern, high-performing lubricants in the production process. This processing technology is industry-leading. Used oil is carefully refined again using solvent extraction. At the same time, the valuable, reusable components of the base oils are fully retained.

The keyword is reuse
This recycling method makes a valuable contribution to protecting the environment with a very low CO2 footprint: the re-refining processes produce very little waste. The solvent is also refined and reused. The result: the high-quality re-refined base oils that Putoline Oil used in the new N-TECH® BBR+ product line outperforms several group 1&2 base oils on several parameters. The latter is normally produced from crude oil refining according to independent testing of key performance indicators, namely:

  • High oxidation and colour stability
  • Excellent viscosity and temperature behaviour
  • Low evaporation loss
  • Low sulphur content


Expectations for the future
The expectation for the future is to hopefully introduce even more Putoline Oil products with blends of the above base oil types. After all, a lower CO2 footprint is becoming increasingly important, and the possibility cannot be ruled out that this will even become an obligation due to amended EU legislation. As a manufacturer, however, Putoline Oil has long experience introducing innovative, environmentally-friendly products quickly, without losing quality and responding to rapidly changing market conditions.

Will you join the movement to a more sustainable package?


The kick-off is a video campaign of our latest N-TECH® BBR+. Click on the video below to watch the introduction. 

Available packaging

N-Tech® BBR+ is available in 15 L Bag-in-Box packaging. A result of the continuous development of the Bag-in-Box. The 15-litre Bag-in-Box will be introduced in 2024. It will replace the 20-litre Bag-in-Box. The 15-litre Bag-in-Box is characterised by a better shape and lighter weight, which enhances user convenience. 

Our 1 L bottle which is made of 95% recycled material is, of course, also available. 


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