'The Ultimate Racing Oil' 

Ruthlessly and successfully tested on many international circuits and tracks. With the introduction of Putoline Oil N-TECH® SPR+ 5W-50 Putoline Oil takes another leap forward Putoline Oil has developed a quality racing oil that exceeds all conceivable alternatives. Accumulated knowledge and expertise gained over 50 years during Putoline Oil’s history have been combined and culminated in this ultimate quality special racing motorcycle engine oil. To be used by professional and passionate motorcycle riders who want to win and for whom only the very best will do.


N-Tech® Additive Technology 
SPR+ 5W-50 is based on the latest revolutionary N-TECH® additive technology. Part of the N-TECH® additive technology is a new API-group V fully synthetic base oil. This superior quality base oil, with properties never seen before, has recently been made suitable as a motorcycle engine oil additive. This additive technology provides a large number of advantages:

  • Ensures rapid, effective high heat transfer for optimum
  • Ensures fast air release for optimum functioning of all
    hydraulic components and full oil pressure.
  • Prevents thermal oxidation and prevents carbon deposits.
  • Contributes to lower friction resulting in lower fuel
    consumption and higher performance levels.
  • Optimally resistant against the harmful effects of E10 fuel.
  • High protection against transmission wear and gear pitting.
  • Exactly the proper friction coefficient for smooth clutch
  • Prevents clutch slip even in highly tuned and high torque



Due to, amongst other things, high thermal loads formation of hydrocarbon oxidation residue may occur, called deposits. Deposits result from burnt petrol and engine oil, and the accumulation of this residue causes internal engine fouling. Piston rings will then tend to stick. This unwanted effect causes oil consumption, loss of compression and thus loss of power in the longer run. Deposits also may cause uncontrolled combustion, such as detonation, resulting in (catastrophic) engine damage.

The unique N-TECH® additive technology prevents this from happening to a significant extent. The entire engine remains internally clean, ensuring an added long-term high-performance level and low oil consumption. Pistons and piston rings remain clean for longer, even during extended oil change intervals, with all the benefits that go with them. 

Quality remains high throughout its service life
Properties of N-TECH® are truly unsurpassed. Intensive engine testing demonstrates that sludge is effectively prevented. In addition, blowby gasses are kept to a minimum, so the engine oil quality remains high throughout its service life. As a result, the additive package can continue to work for longer.

In addition, the N-TECH® additive technology, as well as the API group five Ester base oil is highly polar. That means the motorcycle engine oil has high adhesive powers. This adhesion makes for a solid and stable lubricating film. The end result of all these aspects combined is extremely low starting wear. A most welcome property in a highly stressed transmission contributes to high protection against transmission wear and gear pitting during race conditions.


SAE 5W-50 Viscosity 
N-TECH® SPR+ has an SAE 5W-50 viscosity. This is a clear and different choice by Putoline Oil. In racing, richer air/fuel mixtures are often applied to enhance performance and cooling, resulting in engine oil dilution and loss of viscosity. This has been demonstrated through analyses of many engine oil samples. It shows that engine oil fuel dilution occurs early in racing motorcycle engines. Mechanical reliability is then reduced due to thinner lubricating film thickness.

By purposely choosing an SAE 50, a viscosity ‘reserve’ has been built to counter this phenomenon, improving mechanical reliability during races. However, the composition of this motorcycle engine oil is such that, thanks to the use of low friction fully synthetic base oils, this reliability reserve is not at the expense of power optimization. No less than 1.66 HP gain is measured on the test bench compared to a reference oil! The SAE 5W starting viscosity contributes to an unparalleled fast start under all (low) temperature conditions with shallow start wear. As a result, the required starting current on small racing battery packs is also limited. Finally, the choice for an SAE 5W-50 viscosity and the applied base oils present an extremely low NOACK* value of only 5.2%, resulting in previously unseen low oil consumption.

*NOACK: engine oil consumption simulation test.

Stable viscosity
A powerful lubricating oil film and stable viscosity spread over a wide (high) temperature range are of utmost importance, especially in racing engine oil. Therefore, an extremely high quality and stable viscosity index improver has been chosen, which retains its quality over the entire lifespan. This, in combination with a solvent-free base oil of superior quality, once again reinforces the lubricating film and effectively counters ‘gelling’ (thickening of the motorcycle engine oil).

Maximum additive treatment

N-TECH® SPR+ 5W-50 is enriched with the maximum dose of our new N-Tech® additive technology


Watch the N-TECH® SPR+ 5W-50 introduction video with Ten Kate Racing on YouTube!


N-Tech® SPR+ 5W-50 is available in Bag-in-Box packaging: our recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging. There are also 1 L bottles available.


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