'Every day, we optimize our quality controls and business processes'

ISO 9001
One way to describe the lubricant industry is that it's dynamic, and implementations are processed quickly. However, we are talking about more than just technical developments. Awareness of themes such as quality, health, safety and the environment is of the essence for maintaining a high level of quality. Putoline Oil has proudly transitioned to the current ISO 9001 standard, active since 2018. ISO is the leading international grade mark for quality systems. The certification indicates that Putoline Oil meets the standards and requirements of ISO. Therefore, it is a powerful tool and resource to optimise and continuously improve the organisation's business processes. 



Achieving ISO 9001 standardisation is not a goal in itself, but t fits perfectly with our policy's formula to be successful. As a company, we work daily on things such as: 

  • optimising quality controls
  • complying with laws and regulations
  • the quality of the products
  • guaranteeing REACH obligations
  • the European regulation in producing chemical substances and trading them.

Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) specialists provide and monitor this process with verve.

We are noticing that our policy and prompts show more and more similarities with the ISO standard. Building a sustainable relationship with all stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, personnel, and also the immediate environment, is one of our spurs.

Putting together tailor-made solutions for specific customer requirements and following technical trends have always been essential for Putoline Oil. Acting in accordance with this policy for many years, ISO 9001 gives us nowadays the opportunity to gain more from it. Complying with the latest standards is a welcome addition to our existing business operations.

With the successful transition to the latest ISO 9001, Putoline Oil safeguards the control of processes and continues to improve. An essential element in continuing the guarantee of Putoline Oil's core values in today's competitive markets. By building a long-term relationship with all stakeholders, Putoline Oil expects to remain a major independent supplier for many years. 


Putoline Oil's QHSE focus includes the following:

  • Easy access for customers concerning product properties and applications
  • Excellent and customized working conditions for our employees
  • Competent and motivated employees
  • Customer focus
  • Environmental protection
  • Flexibility and decisiveness
  • Delivery reliability 
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Product quality standards
  • Continuous improvement 


Driven By Technology
With over 50 years of experience, we genuinely know what is best for your motorcycle. Putoline Oil products rightfully deserve the designation 'Made in Holland, but with internationally applicable specifications and global export opportunities. On top of that, it gives certainty that our production and sales locations in Almelo and Zwijndrecht meet the ISO standard.


Actuality adaption
Our experts are aware of the latest trends, and our innovative policy puts us at the forefront of new developments. Not only concerning lubricants and maintenance technology but also regarding quality, health, safety and the environment. Obviously, we closely follow ISO's requirements package and make adjustments where necessary. 


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