'We make impressive end products from raw materials. All in-house'

Putoline Oil
Since 1970, we have been manufacturing high-quality lubricants and maintenance- and care products exclusively for motorized two-wheelers. We make unique end products from raw materials, all done in-house. Our products have the required permissions, which provides the certainty you desire and ensures an inseparable bond with our quality. After all, it gives a confident feeling that we produce products containing the required permissions from all major manufacturers. With a team of enthusiasts, we deliver next-level service!

Is oil just oil? We don't think so. More the reason to work tirelessly to ensure that not only our innovative and excellent high-quality products are unique selling propositions. When you partner with us, you are not just buying lubricants. Instead, you have joined the Putoline Oil family. We strive to make you feel at home and keep you up to date on what is happening in the world of lubrication. 

Our lubricants are well-known as consistent and certified quality products produced in-house at our blending plant in Zwijndrecht. We have more than 50 years of experience and knowledge in our field, and we are happy to share our expertise when you become part of the Putoline Oil family. Producing lubricants is our passion. It is in our DNA, and these highly specialized technical products require care and attention.

We are manufacturer
Thanks to our own modern manufacturing plant, you always have access to the latest developments concerning lubrication and always with official and up-to-date qualifications. In addition, we have invaluable experience in producing lubricants, and as you would expect, we are always at the forefront of the market. Whether it concerns the development of modern motorcycle engine oils or gearbox oils, thanks to Putoline Oil's innovative policy, you always have the most up-to-date products. Furthermore, various market surveys illustrate, from time to time, that Putoline Oil's quality and high-level service are highly graded and appreciated. 

We have everything at our disposal to provide a pleasant customer experience. Scroll further down to discover what we can do.


In-house manufacturing

The entire process, from raw materials to our beautiful end products, takes place in-house. An ultra-modern production company ensures access to the latest developments with official and up-to-date qualifications.


First-rate raw materials

We are passionate about lubricants. It is in our DNA. Therefore, we always opt for the best raw materials, base oils and additives. Our specialized and technical products require care, attention and a keen eye. We can follow the latest developments and technological evolutions of the OEM due to the quick-acting of our technical product management and their teamwork with chemical analysts and our R&D department. This regularly results in updates and new products that must meet the increasing demands placed on lubricants.


Continuously high-quality 

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools necessary for research and (further) development of products. In addition, employees with understanding and expertise use high-quality test and measurement instruments. Putoline Oil products are constantly being checked thoroughly. Nothing goes on transport without careful inspection. By doing this, we always deliver a consistently high-quality product following international standards.



A strong visual design, yet functional. 'Because first impressions last'  

Corporate Identity


The colours blue and yellow are strongly manifested in our corporate identity. From product to marketing: our corporate identity is closely monitored, ensuring clear international recognition.

Official Approvals


Official and up-to-date qualifications

World's largest assortment


Over the years, Putoline Oil has grown enormously. What once started in a small shed is now a household name and world-class player with the most extensive range of motorcycle lubricants and maintenance- & care products.

>1 million unique recommendations


More than 1.000.000 million unique product recommendations per year through www.putoline.com. Using Google's smart search features, finding the suitable lubricant for your motorcycle has never been easier.

>50 countries


Export to more than 55 countries! We have worldwide coverage, and that success is not only due to our high quality. Customers choose Putoline Oil because of our extensive service. We are only satisfied when the customer is too. We continuously invest in knowledge to remain a lubricant specialist by training professionals and to set up partnerships that strengthen our brand. Teamwork is of the essence to achieve this. We can do so little alone, but together we can do so much. Together with our partners, we lift our products and services to the highest achievable level.

Awards and nominations


Over time, we have received several nominations and awards.

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Always up-to-date 


Our experts are aware of the latest trends and developments. Not only regarding lubrication and maintenance techniques, but you can also ask us questions about marketing, sales, logistics and more.


We are happy to answer them.

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